Invincible Floating

Hottest of the hot and a cut above the rest. Simply the Best The Nils Master Invincible is a real catcher. Its unique swimming action and effective colour combinations have caught record amounts of big fish all over the world.

This prolific fish catcher Invincible lure has a slightly arched shape which produces a revolutionary swimming action.  The legendary Invincible model comes in a range of sizes from 5 cm right up to ‘the grand master’ 25 cm version. It is available in Floating, Deep Runner and Shallow models. The 5 cm and 8 cm models are made of balsa wood, while the 12 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm models are made of abache wood.

The Invincible wobbler floats on the surface but just a slight retrieve or pull gets it diving with a swimming action that imitates a bait fish. When the pulling stops the Invincible bobs back to the surface. The Invincible wobbler is easy to cast, and is great for trolling.

Our top class fishermen around the world, are testing our lures and colors. Feedback they provide tells us that Invincibles are “SIMPLY THE BEST” to catch fish…
Invincible Deep Runner model:


Invincible Floating
Size / Weight / Depth
5 cm, 6 g, 1 m
8 cm, 8 g, 2 m
12 cm, 24 g, 2 m
15 cm, 30 g, 3 m
18 cm, 40 g, 3,5 m
20 cm, 70 g, 6 m 
25 cm, 120 g, 6 m

Invincible Shallow
Size / Weight
12 cm, 13 g
15 cm, 20 g
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Invincible Deep Runner
Size / Weight / Depth
5 cm, 6 g, 2 m
8 cm, 8 g, 3 m
12 cm, 24 g, 7 m
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