Jigging Shad

In his 1998 article Dough Stange of The In-Fisherman -magazine stated that the fishing public needs "a shorter, bulkier design representing shad and young of the year bluegills and crapples. We need a Jigging Shad, a really bulky flatter bodied swimming bait".
Nils Master responded by introducing the "Next Generation Jigging Series" Jigging Shad 1998, The Baby Shad in 1999 and the Junior Shad in 2000. The Next Generation Jigging Series has been proven for catch "monster" walleyes, northern pike, muskies, trout, salmon, jumbo perch, bass, crappie and arctic char.
Size / Weight
Jigging shad 7 cm, 23 g
Junior shad 6 cm, 16 g
Baby shad 5 cm, 8 g

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