Krokodil Spoon

The Krokodil Spoon continues to be one of the most popular and productive lures in the Bete lure range. Especially the Blue-Krokodil BSF which has a legendary, unwavering reputation as one of the best fish catchers in the Gulf of Finland for many years. It has an irresistible intense swimming action, turning from side to side as if to show both glossy sides to the predator fish.

Bete Krokodil Bead available in size 7 cm & 18g.

Bete Krokodil Weedless is available in colours: BRG-11 Silver, BSF-01 Silver, KP-16 Copper, PLB-24 Brass, SF-03 Copper, SJ78 Silver, XRS-08 Silver, YO-07 Brass ja Z-05 Brass.
Size / Weight 
60 mm, 12 g 
70 mm, 18 g

80 mm, 23 g

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