The specially shaped body of the Nils Master Loviisa allows it to fall diagonally away from the vertical line. Its movement & behavior in the water widens the striking zone for attracting predator fish to strike. The slow fluttering action created in water resembles a small bait fish in distress. 

When ice-fishing in winter time allow the Loviisa jig to free fall to the bottom and then make long, gentle upward pulls to raise the jig and then allow it to free fall back-down and repeat this motion.

When fishing in summer time in open water it is recommended to reel completely in from time to time and allow it to free fall to the bottom again and repeat this motion. The Loviisa jig is named after the famous fishing town in Finland known for the big fish. Designed by Hannu Kangas.

Size / Weight
65 mm, 11 g