A total unique design for a  balance jigger. The aerodynamic shape of the Nisä with two distinctive side fins and its sharp tapered under belly give it a calm, seductive swimming motion and stealth like appearance. The best time for fishing with the Nisä is December, January & February when the fish are most sensitive. Nisä when jigged from a stationary start point will first move in one direction before turning on itself and returning to the start point where it will stop. Then when jigged again it will dart in the other direction tantalizing the fish and turn on itself before returning back to the start point where it will stop again. The fisherman controls the repeated jigging motion. It is known that perch, pikeperch & pike most often strike when the jigger is at a stop. The lure has hooks at both ends and is also equipped with a clasp which allows the central coloured hook to be changed easily. Especially for pike and perch.

Size / Weight
4 cm, 7 g
5 cm, 12 g

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