Small Lotto

The small Lotto spinner bait is ideal for spinning anglers fishing for Trout, Grayling, Perch and Whitefish. The small size lotto is suitable for casting or trolling in flowing water, small lakes, ponds. The 25mm 6g lotto can easily be cast long distances maximizing your target fishing area. Lotto spinner has a specially fish shaped and weighted body. The body of the lotto spinner will not rotate thus preventing line from twisting.

Tip: Cast the lotto to your desired spot and retrieve at various speeds. The shinning blades rotating movement causes water disturbance which arouses the fish to take pursuit of something to eat.

In shallow flowing water it is a good tip to keep the lotto moving in the current by a constant retrieve. By keeping the lotto moving in shallow flowing water the lotto is more likely to avoid any snags on hidden bottom structure like old logs etc.

Weight / Lenght
6 g, 25 mm