Is one of the unique shape and weight design combinations in the Nils Master lure range. It can be described as a guiding star during its fish catching history that has been continuing for over 40 years. Spearhead has a tight swaying swimming action and it darts from side to side as if searching for prey fish. It is a real shark for catching many fish species and has caught numerous record fish. The record salmon 28,5 kg from the Teno river. Also 21 kg and 126 cm salmon 3.7.2002 from the Teno river.

Size / Weight / Swimming depth
8 cm, 14 g, 2,5 m
Spearhead colour 003Spearhead colour 004Spearhead colour 005Spearhead colour 006Spearhead colour 007Spearhead colour 009Spearhead colour 010 GLOWSpearhead colour 011Spearhead colour 012Spearhead colour 013Spearhead colour 014Spearhead colour 015Spearhead colour 016Spearhead colour 021Spearhead colour 022Spearhead colour 024Spearhead colour 025Spearhead colour 027Spearhead colour 030Spearhead colour 031Spearhead colour 035Spearhead colour 036Spearhead colour 040Spearhead colour 041Spearhead colour 042Spearhead colour 043Spearhead colour 044Spearhead colour 045Spearhead colour 046Spearhead colour 051Spearhead colour 052Spearhead colour 055Spearhead colour 056Spearhead colour 065Spearhead colour 067Spearhead colour 068Spearhead colour 069Spearhead colour 070Spearhead colour 071Spearhead colour 072Spearhead colour 074Spearhead colour 075Spearhead colour 078Spearhead colour 081Spearhead colour 082Spearhead colour 083Spearhead colour 085Spearhead colour 086Spearhead colour 087Spearhead colour 088Spearhead colour 090Spearhead colour 091Spearhead colour 092Spearhead colour 093Spearhead colour 094Spearhead colour 095Spearhead colour 097Spearhead colour 098Spearhead colour 099Spearhead colour 101Spearhead colour 104Spearhead colour 117Spearhead colour 122Spearhead colour 128Spearhead colour 131Spearhead colour 137Spearhead colour 148Spearhead colour 152Spearhead colour 158Spearhead colour 159Spearhead colour 160Spearhead colour 173Spearhead colour 189Spearhead colour 190Spearhead colour 224Spearhead colour 225Spearhead colour 227Spearhead colour 228Spearhead colour 229Spearhead colour 231Spearhead colour 248Spearhead colour 249Spearhead colour 250Spearhead colour 274 GLOWSpearhead colour 289Spearhead colour 306Spearhead colour 309Spearhead colour 310Spearhead colour 424Spearhead colour 425Spearhead colour 426Spearhead colour 430Spearhead colour 807Spearhead colour 863Spearhead colour 869