When you purchase a Nils Master lure you have comfort knowing it catches fish because every Nils Master model must prove its worth in years of testing before reaching the shops. Every lure is individually quality controlled, hand tuned and swim tested before packaging. Click the photo of lure and read more about these models.

Invincible Floating

A predator lure famous in Finland and around the world.

Dartmaster jerk bait

Jerk bait for the big pikes, muskies.


Casting into moving water and trolling lure.

Big Mouth

Top lure design winner.


Small wobbler for salmonids.


Trout lure for rapids and fast flowing waters.

Haka Sinking

A salmon lure for rapids and trolling.

Haka Shallow

Ideal for trolling salmonids especially in a rowing boat.


For big muskies!

Haka DD

Trolling for salmonids.


Guiding star for salmon & Barramundi for over 50 years.

Trolling Spoon

A brilliant trolling spoon for trout, salmon and pike.

Invincible ZOOM

The zander seeker.

Krokodil Spoon

The best known pike spoon in Finland.

Jämtland Spoon

For salmonids for river fishing or rough seas.

Turku Spoon

Unbeatable pike lure for Turku archipelago.

Utö Spoon

For pike on sea or lakes.

Bete Lotto Spinner

The best spinner lure there is: original Bete Lotto. Handmade quality since 1979.

Small Lotto

The small Lotto spinner bait is ideal for spinning.

Pike Lotto

Pike Lotto bait is made for pike.


Jigger for pike, muskie, zander, walleye and perch.


Two-in-one balance jig with vertical jig option.


Mid winter perch catcher specialist.

Jigging Shad

Great lure for perch!


A remarkable jig for pike, zander, walleye and perch.


For pike, muskie, perch and a large variety of fish species.


A treat for pike, muskie with tasty colour hook.


Ice-fishing for predator fish.


A jig that’s castable for perch.


A vertical jig for perch, pike, muskie, zander, walleye.


Widens the strike zone.


For fishing big fish in deep water