Bete Lotto Spinner


For salmonids and perch and the absolute choice for river fishing, but we recommend our Bete Lotto for surf fishing also. Easy to cast.

Lotto Spinner's specially fish shaped and weighed body is plastic molded and hand painted for the best possible finish. The body of the Lotto Spinner will not rotate thus preventing line from twisting. Lotto Spinner is an excellent choice when only a spinner bait will to the job.

Handmade quality since 1979.



When fishing for big perch you can easily add some extra weight to a Lotto with a pear sinker.



  • Available in five sizes: 25 mm,35 mm, 45 mm, 60 mm and 75 mm
  • Running depth: sinking
  • Material: ABS-plastic
  • Blade material: real copper, German silver or brass
  • VMC BZ -hooks
  • Can be fished with slow speed
  • Availabe in over 60 colours, including GLOW- and UV-colours
  • The only lure you’ll ever need for trout, grayling and char fishing
  • Main target species: perch, grayling, trout, char, pike

Each lure made by Finlandia-uistin Oy is individually quality controlled before packaging and our products are made of the finest and most durable materials. As a sign of Finnish handicraft our products have been awarded with a Key Flag symbol



Available also in holographic and UV-enhanced BETE LOTTO PRO -colours!

Lotto colour 001Lotto colour 002Lotto colour 003Lotto colour 005Lotto colour 006Lotto colour 007Lotto colour 008Lotto colour 009Lotto colour 010Lotto colour 011Lotto colour 012Lotto colour 013Lotto colour 014Lotto colour 015Lotto colour 016Lotto colour 017Lotto colour 018Lotto colour 019Lotto colour 022Lotto colour 023Lotto colour 024Lotto colour 025Lotto colour 026Lotto colour 027Lotto colour 028Lotto colour 030Lotto colour 033Lotto colour 036Lotto colour 037Lotto colour 038Lotto colour 082Lotto colour 056Lotto colour 060Lotto colour 061Lotto colour 062Lotto colour 068Lotto colour 070Lotto colour 074Lotto colour 076Lotto colour 077Lotto colour 078Lotto colour 079Lotto colour 086Lotto colour 090Lotto colour 093Lotto colour 097Lotto colour 098Lotto colour 101Lotto colour 117Lotto colour 122Lotto colour 137Lotto colour 151Lotto colour 189Lotto colour 201Lotto colour 202Lotto colour 226Lotto colour 250Lotto colour 251Lotto colour 252Lotto colour 274Lotto colour 903Lotto colour 908Lotto colour 922Lotto colour 923