Invincible ZOOM


The 12cm Nils Master Invincible ZOOM is designed specially for those nice summer days when heading out on the lake for zander trolling. To catch a big zander, also known as pike-perch, you don’t always need a big lure, but you might want to pay attention to the running depth. Despite its light weight and narrow frame our Invincible ZOOM is an efficient diver achieving running depth of approx. 4 meters.

At low speed the Invincible ZOOM swims with a graceful fish-like shimmer and if you slightly quicken the speed it swims with evasive, erratic swim action. You will quickly find the right speed by considering the water conditions and adjusting your speed to your observation as to how the lure is swimming at close proximity first.

  • Specs: 12 cm, c. 10 g
  • Running depth: c. 4 meters
  • Material: Abache wood
  • Full stainless steel wire-through-body construction  
  • VMC BN hooks
  • Evasive, erratic swim action

Each lure made by Finlandia-uistin Oy is individually quality controlled, hand tuned and swim tested before packaging. PLEASE NOTE that swimming action can be controlled by slightly changing the angle of the eyelet. Do not attempt to adjust the plastic lip.


Available also in holographic Nils Master PRO -colours!