Massive Jumbo simply irresistible to big fish. Even at first glance you can tell that the Jumbo is a strong, rock-solid lure. It won't back down from anything, taking on any predator coming its way. It can withstand exceptionally fast trolling speeds. Because the biggest fish usually lurk in the deep. The Jumbo Deep Diving is also an outstanding diver, reaching depths down to six meters in a blink of an eye.
Jumbo Shallow is a rock solid lure that works exceptionally well in Spring and Late Autumn when the water is cold and the fish are in the shallow water. Jumbo Shallow is well suited for trolling and casting. Known to attract a large variety of fish species such as Pike, Walleye, Perch, Salmon, Trout, Bass, and Barramundi to name a few.

Jumbo Deep Diving
Jumbo Shallow

12 cm / 27 g / 0-1 m
Deep Diving
Size / Weight / Swimming depth
12 cm / 32 g / 0-6 m
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