The Nils Master Balance Jiggers have a special design body shape and are made for ice fishing. You also can use them in angling from a boat or pier. They work well and are very effective fish catchers also in deep water. Twitch it with a slight jerk of the rod tip every now and then, and the Jigger darts forward like a live bait fish. The Nils Master Jigger actually search for the prey fish and then turns back to the starting point attracting a fish to strike. The Nils Master Jiggers have caught record pike, perch, pikeperch and zander.
Size / Weight:
Jigger-0   3 cm / 4 g
Jigger-1   4 cm / 6 g
Jigger-1.5   5 cm / 8 g
Jigger-2   7 cm / 10 g
Jigger-3   8 cm / 25 g
Jigger-4   12 cm / 45 g

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